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Hi everybody!

The last few weeks I have done some heavy thinking about where this blog should go. I realized that I needed some kind of focus, a specialization in a certain direction.I figured I should seperate the lifestyle, motivation and language learning part from the engineering part.

So Quest for Epicness was born. I will post all my awesome non-engineering related posts.

This blog will stay as my engineering home base.

Go check it out!


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Exam time!

Hi everybody!

In Munich we are having exams now, and the last few weeks have been very stressful. I’ll have an exam today and three the next week, so I am pretty stressed out. That’s there reason for the recent low activity on the blog. But exam time will soon be over! Stay tuned for a few new posts!

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Now, negative G’s are o fun. If you pull too many negative G’s, you might red out because all the blood in your body shoots into your brain and eyes, which could cause blood vessels in your head and eyes to explode.

But sometimes they can be funny, too. Check out the video below.

Negative G’s

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