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You need to fail in order to succeed


Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I hate failure. I want to do everything perfect from the beginning. No matter what I do, it has to be successful, or else I will doubt myself, my skills and my worth. I am not alone with this problem. Most people think like that. We hear stories of amazing success, people getting rich over night, breaking ideas…we are bombarded with stories of success, but we don’t really get the full story. So we end up thinking that these people must be some kind of genius! See, the path for success is marked by failure. In fact, failure is the key ingredient o success!

Maneesh Sethi has a great post about the correlation between success and failure right over here.

There is also a great article over at the Art of Manliness about Andrew Carnegie, the archtype of the American Dream here


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